Welcome message


I wish to welcome you to the English page of our Institutional site. Tribunal de Contas of Portugal is a Supreme Audit Institution of the Court model, built on a 630 years’ history as a control entity, but always looking forward to keep relevant, useful and credible for stakeholders and, above all, to citizens.

Our remit allows us to develop all kinds of audits, including real time audit and investigations, and we also maintain an important a priori control mandate. Adding to this, we are entrusted with jurisdictional powers to address financial liabilities, and held public managers accountable through the imposition of fines or the order to recover amounts misused.

I invite and encourage all to get acquainted with our strategies, organisation, persons who make the Court and, above all, with our audit reports and jurisdictional rulings, giving meaning to the motto of INTOSAI, major International Organization: mutual experience benefits all.


The President,
José F. F. Tavares